Daniela Pollich & Felix Bode

Fachhochschule für öffentliche Verwaltung NRW &
Forschungsstelle im Landeskriminalamt NRW

Predictive Policing: The need for a scientifically based approach

This article argues that Predictive Policing should always be conducted on a consolidated (social)scientifical-theore­tical basis. Therefore, appropriate approaches and theories for generating hypotheses are introduced and their scopes of application as well as their limitations are considered. Subsequently, the impact of a theoretical foundation on the methodological implementation is illustrated; some essential methods for Predictive Policing are also discussed in this context. The necessary data also result directly from the stringent operationalization of the theoretically derived hypotheses. Finally, the expanded possibilities of generating knowledge with a theory-based approach are depicted.

Seite 2-12