Frank Hallenberger, Christine Telser, A. Wels & Susanne Beyer

Hochschule für Polizei Rheinland-Pfalz

The Use of Bodycams and their Acceptance by the General Public

The present study interviewed 118 persons directly or indirectly affected by police measures making use of a bodycam worn by a police officer. When asked the main question “What do you think about the use of the camera?”, only one person’s judgment was negative whereas the judgment of 18 others was neither positive nor negative. Even the large majority of the group of suspects estimated the use of the camera as being “ good” (6 out of 7). The supporters of the use of bodycams defined it as enhancing security or protection (22 answers) and/or the preservation of evidence (19) and/or contributing to the clarification of circumstances. Two people referred to a positive influence on conflicts. Furthermore, most respondents pretended that they had not changed their behavior. This may be due to the fact that the majority were witnesses. As to the suspects/troublemakers, one out of seven said that he had changed his conduct. The purpose of bodycams is estimated as almost exclusively “good” by those pretending to know it as well as by those pretending not to know it.

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