Tobias Trappe

Fachhochschule für öffentliche Verwaltung NRW

Some Problems of human rights education for Police

The article highlights some of the problems of human rights education for the police. Human rights education (firstly) has long been an integral part of education and therefore seems superfluous (1). Education about human rights is, secondly, a fairly complex issue that exceeds the time limits of training (2). Human rights are not just legal norms but also moral rights as well as political demands. This often leads to confusion (3). Human rights and their education do not fit into everyday police life, which is bureaucratized and dominated by pragmatic rules (4). Human rights are often the subject of criticism and accusations against the police. The fact that the police protect them in everyday life is hardly seen (5). Security is becoming increasingly important. Human rights are rapidly losing their importance (6). Finally, human rights education faces the difficult question of motivation (7). However, human rights education is linked to a fundamental in­terest of the police officers: to preserve their humanity (8).

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