Robert-Jacek Gorzka, Klaus Michael Reininger, Marius Wonschik & Eckhard Hoffmann

Bundeswehrkrankenhaus Hamburg

Adaptation and coping processes during the foreign operations of German police officers

Using a longitudinal design, we explore psychological factors of successful adaptation and coping processes in German police officers being in a foreign mission. In order to create a scale, we conducted interviews with homecoming police officers. Furthermore, we collected qualitative and quantitative data of two homecoming police officers regarding the varia­bles: Adaptation, self-esteem, degree of professional behavior in terms of mission-specific ability in mastering one's emotions, stress and coping behavior. We observed intrapersonal changes of these variables over time, and cross-sectional as well as longitudinal correlations applying descriptive and statistical single-case methods: Police officer’s most impor­tant experienced stress derives from the persistent threate­ning during foreign mission. Furthermore, police officer’s coping behaviors are processual, combined, and depend on the duration of one’s foreign mission.

Seite 50-58