Silvia Oßwald-Meßner

Hochschule für den öffentlichen Dienst Bayern, Fachbereich Polizei

Test Anxiety of Students at the University of Public Sciences, Department Police

The present study examines test anxiety of students of the University of Public Sciences, Department Police (HföD). Altogether, 388 police students of different semester were survey by the Prüfungsangstfragebogen (PAF) and compared with the PAF standardized sample. HföD students revealed significantly less test anxiety compared to students of other subjects. However, differences appeard between different semester: Students who wrote exams at the time of survey showed more text anxiety that in turn did not differ from the PAF standardized sample any more. Within the study, also possible differences for sex and how students started their studies (directly after school, after basic training or as „full“ officers) were analysed. Furthermore, correlations between test anxiety and age as well as between test anxitey and time of their last exam were explored.

Seite 26-36