J. Müller, H. Höllmer, J. Wolint, Th. Knaust, L. Cordes, H. Schulz & R.-J. Gorzka

Bundeswehrkrankenhaus Hamburg

Possibilities and Limitations of Animal-Assisted Trauma-Focused Psychotherapeutic Interventions in a Military Context

Even though within current therapy research animal-assisted interventions account for a small portion only, scientific pu­blications dealing with this topic have been issued regularly over the past few decades.(1) Moreover, animal-assisted interventions are repeatedly being discussed in popular science and alternative medical publications, mostly in a very positive way. (2) During our clinical work, too, we increasingly often receive queries about this matter from our patients. Also mental health professionals of other NATO partners re­port about such queries.(3) This interest in animal-assisted interventions is the reason for this paper on the possibilities and limitations of animal-assisted interventions as part of an overall trauma-focused psychotherapeutic treatment within the structures of the Bundeswehr.

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