Manfred Reuter

Policewomen and Policemen in the nineteenth German Bundestag: an empirical view

A classical until today virulent political-science-discussion is about the personal composition of parliaments. This essay shows how far police officers as members of the public service are present in the nineteenth German Bundestag. The collected data are from an article of the magazine “Behörden Spiegel”, public accessible databases of the German Bundestag and the standard reference “Kürschners Volkshandbuch”. The essay investigates if police officers tend to a certain political party or if political parties tend different to police officers, in which functions police officers are active, how police officers are involved in parliamentary decisionmaking-processes and which “police-policy” they represent. The parliamentary commission for internal affairs has a main role in this context. The essay identifies twelve representatives who have a job-related background at the police. Three of them can be called as the “engines of police-policy” in the parliament and one of these representatives has the required potential.

S. 2-14