Philip Bachert , Hagen Wäsche, Alexander Woll & Utz Niklas Walte

Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)  Institut für Sport und Sportwissenschaft

Workplace demands and quality of life among police officers: the moderating effect of social support and sense of community

The purpose of the present study was to investigate the moderating effects of social resources on the association between organizational demands and the mental component of health-related quality of life among police officers.

Methods: 357 police officers took part in a cross-sectional study. Data with respect to workplace stressors (quantitative workload, emotional demands and other workplace demands), social job resources (social support and sense of community) and mental component of health-related quality of life were collected using a questionnaire. A moderated regression analysis was used to assess the effects of the proposed interaction effects.

Results: It became apparent that social support moderates the relation between quantitative workload as well as other workplace demands and the mental component of healthrelated quality of life. On the contrary the association between emotional demands and the target variable was neither moderated by sense of community nor by social support.

S. 15-31