J. Müller, L. Cordes, M. Rieks, D. Grenda, H. Schulz, H. Höllmer, Th. Knaust & R.-J. Gorzka

Bundeswehrkrankenhaus Hamburg

Contributions to Cyberpsychology: Psychopathologies in virtual space - Internet and computer game addiction in the military context

Internet and computer game addiction as a defined mental disorder is a relatively new phenomenon, which, although increasingly systematically researched, is currently not based on a uniform definition and, moreover, there are still no uniform standards with regard to diagnostics and treatment. Irrespective of the lack of unity, however, recent studies indicate that this phenomenon can be considered a mental disorder with a disease value and that its prevalence will continue to increase over the next few years. This article presents an overview of the current discussion of Internet and computer game dependency with a focus on military-specific aspects.

Seite 23-30