Marisa Huschbeck & Birgitta Sticher

Polizei Berlin, Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin

How can the risk of a man's violence against his intimate partner be assessed? Assistance for the practice by the forensic analysis tool DyRiAS-Intimate partners

Partnership violence, especially the violence of one man against his intimate partner, can be deadly - in 2016, 441 cases of murder and homicide were registered, 357 women and 84 men (BKA, 2017). How can the development of the dynamics of violence be recognized in order to initiate protective measures in time? The forensic analysis tool DyRiAS-in­timate partner is presented below. Based on interviews with experts who have gained experience with this instrument, its usefulness for practical work of police officers and staff in shelter for battered women is demonstrated.

Seite 31-42