Sascha Opielka

Polizeipräsidium Aachen

Commitment as a predictor in the strategic health management of the police First results of the health survey at Aachen Police Headquarters

In the official health management of the NRW police, the district police authorities are largely free to plan and imple­ment health-promoting measures. It is described as important that the concept is strategically oriented to the initial situation in the authorities. This leads to efforts to differentiate between the current status, for example through health surveys.

The sense of solidarity with the organization ('commitment') could play a special role in recording the current status. Com­mitment could be a predictor of physical and mental health and have high explanatory and predictive value.

Initial analyses of the health survey at the Aachen police headquarters support this assumption. Strong correlations were observed with health values and work characteristics described as important for health.
The results suggest that commitment is a predictor of health and should be taken into account in the various approaches to public health management.

Seite 43-48