Ulrich Wagner, Antje Suppmann, Ralf Siebert, Maria-Therese Friehs, Patrick Kotzur

Philipps-Universität Marburg

Young refugees’ perception of the German police

Refugees often experienced negative interactions with the police in their home countries and during their flight. Topic of the present paper is the perception of the police in the eyes of young refugees in language courses in Germany. In addition, a contact program of young refugees with the police is described and evaluated. Results of a pre-post survey of 47 young refugees show that the image of the German police is positive. Also, the contact program is evaluated very positively by the participating students. The outcome evaluation, however, does not indicate an improvement of the image of the police after having participated in the contact program. This is probably due to ceiling effects resulting from the very positive evaluation of the police at the beginning.

Seite 10-13