Stefanie Schmenkel & Joachim Albrecht

Hochschule der Polizei Baden-Württemberg

Approximation of the measurement of resilience in police context – Evaluation of two measurement methods

important within the police departments in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. In science, resilience (mental resilience) is considered as a potential protective factor.

Task: The aim was to use empirical methods to determine the resilience of police officers and develop approaches for the development of training and further education.

Method: 450 police officers completed a questionnaire consisting of the Connor-Davidson-Resilience-Scale 10 (CD-RISC 10) and the personality questionnaire IPIP 40.

Result: Both methods are suitable for determining resilience and defining target groups, but their use should be dependent on the objective of the survey. Due to the strikingly strong importance of the personality trait conscientiousness, the IPIP 40 should be evaluated in a police-specific manner.

Discussion: The big five are not enough to explain the differences in resilience, but they seem to be related to the life circumstances and experiences of the subjects.

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