Karl-Heinz Fittkau

Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin

Leadership perception and augmentation effect – A study in the riot police in Berlin

Transformational leadership leads to an increased readiness to invest effort, to enhanced perceived leadership effectiveness and to greater employee satisfaction (augmentation effect). A large number of evidence exists to this effect, but hardly any findings from the police sector. The present study scrutinizes the phenomenon at the example of the riot police in Berlin. Using the Transformational Leadership Inventory for the scales of Transformational Leadership and the three augmentation scales from the Multifactor Leadership Questi­onnaire (German version, Felfe 2006), 195 members of the riot police were interviewed. The results confirm the aug­mentation effect, but they also suggest that the significance of transactional leadership must not be underestimated. Besides, pronounced levelling tendencies become apparent in the understanding of work and leadership between the ca­reers of the middle and upper police service tiers.

Seite 47-56