Susanne Fischer

Politics as a Picture Puzzle – Internal Security and Police in Right-Wing Populist Agendas

The paper examines election programmes of the AfD with regard to statements on internal security policy and the police. Additionally, further basic statements in the AfD party political agenda are assessed as to their relevance to the police and discussed critically. The paper shows that the AfD´s specific political demands concerning the police predominantly are to be found within the spectrum of the major popular parties. However, where the party consistently combines these demands with the issue of immigration, relies on mobilization by continuous escalation of the issue of insecurity, a different quality is reached. At the same time, the AfD´s political proposition has been charged with radical to extremist positions, while the party has continued to act on a spectrum between parliamentary party and protest movement and has cultivated a tactical approach to political content. Each of the latter aspects is inherently problematic; in combination, they are shown to be highly critical, particularly for the police.

Seite 51-63