Bernd K├Ârber & Detlef Schmidt

Polizeiakademie Niedersachsen

Tai Chi in the police - mental preparation for the promotion of task-oriented behavior

In respect to complex Martial Arts Systems, Tai Chi Training accounts for a valid mind-body technique of human health and awareness enforcement. These include strengthening of the body, cognitive aspects of attention and self-efficiency as well as psychosocial interaction in group situations. While a lot of literature in the field of healthcare can be found, empirical evidence of Tai Chi effects in police occupational activities lacks experimental demonstration. Our experiment uses Tai Chi as a short-term perceptual skill training prior to a complex police force task. Results indicate that performing Tai Chi leads to a significant lower systolic blood pressure. Furthermore, better communication performances in accomplishing complex situational police trainings compared to a police control group without special interventions were observed. These findings are discussed in terms of perceptual situational-awareness skills and a model of police force enhancement.

Seite 2-10