Clemens Lorei, Julia Hartmann, Jennifer Müller & Karoline Ellrich

Hessische Hochschule für Polizei und Verwaltung, Hochschule für Polizei Baden-Württemberg

Experiences of violence in the emergency services Frequency, situational circumstances, consequences

In light of the fact that there is very little research available in Germany on the subject of violence carried out against emergency personnel and as the level of empirically-proven knowledge is considered to be very low, 168 emergency personnel were interviewed via an online survey regarding their experiences of violence whilst on active duty, their sense of security and various aspects of attacks on them. The result of the survey partially confirmed the few empirical findings we have had to date and, above all, expanded upon them. Even though this pilot study can only be used to a limited extent regarding more general conclusions, the numerous findings could prove to be helpful in prevention and intervention.

Seite 35-66