Wim Nettelnstroth, André Martens & Henriette Binder

Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin

Recruiting junior police officers: A research cooperation between the Academy of Police Hamburg and the HWR Berlin

Demographic changes pose multiple challenges for law enforcement. Addressing these challenges requires an evi¬dence-based and data driven approach. In this light, staff recruitment methods have come into focus. The aims of this study are: 1) To determine which empirical dimensions provide a basis for an evidence-based requirement profile for the recruitment of entry-level of police officers. (2) Which single, multiple or combination of employee selection tests shows the highest prognostic strength towards professio¬nal success? The sample size included 764 participants for quantitative selection test measurements and 25 partici¬pants for qualitative interviews. Regression models were applied to the selection test data, and identified tests and test combinations that were able to predict job performance and satisfaction. These models showed significant predictive values of the subtest categories personality variables as well as cognitive abilities with a little lower significance, in predicting job success and satisfaction. Qualitative analyses were performed using the Critical Incident Technique (Flanagan, 1954). Quantitative and qualitative analyses results were aggregated and used to create a data driven, evidence based requirements profile.

S. 4-28