Joachim Albrecht, Olaf Kopp & Theresa Hof

Hochschule für Polizei Baden-Württemberg

Development Center to select police officers for international peace keeping missions

Background: The set of characteristics that are required for police officers to participate in an international peace mission, are constantly increasing. To measure the most important physical and psychological features that are necessary for missions like this, the German state Baden-Württemberg offers a Development Center for interested appliers.

Task: The main question is: Which set of abilities is indispensable for a peace mission and which characteristics should a police officer bring?

Method: The data was collected from 67 police officers that applied in the years between 2016 and 2018. The tests that were used comprised the personality questionnaire FPI, the AVEM and the resilience scale RS25. The data of these tests were statistically evaluated.

Result: The current model of competence and the tests for police officers for international missions are adequate. The new version of the procedure, including the interactive roleplay and the group task, shows important interpersonal abilities.

Discussion: In the future there should be more research to test if the new created Development Center is efficient enough the way it is now, or if there is the need for changes like the fitness test. Other ideas to enlarge the DC could include measurements of international competence or empathy.

Seite 60-73