Svenja Thus & Stefan Remke

Präsidium der Bereitschaftspolizei Leipzig

Evaluation-based optimization of the selection procedure for the the Saxon police of the upper grade of the civil service

The Saxon police established a highly specialised personnel selection process that selects the most appropriate 10 % of applicants. Due to a continuous evaluation of the process, the personnel selection tests were analysed in other than the old fashion. Most of the empirical research nowadays only consider easy measurable data, such as academic success. To evaluate the predictive power of the personnel selection process according to the job performance of the police officers, more practical methods in context to the job must be investigated. In this article, job performance has been assessed by the officers´ supervisor as well as by the officers themselves, to analyse the causal predictive power of the personnel selection process with respect to both - the academic success and the job performance. Based on the results of the evaluation, the personnel selection process was rebalanced, to optimize the predictive power and the quality of the test to find even more accurately the most ap¬propriate 10 % of police officer applicants. It describes the setup of the personnel selection procedure, the evaluation, and the latest adjustments based on the results.

Seite 102-115