Wim Nettelnstroth

Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin

Motivation for the police application. Quantification of the depth psychological study of 2014

Demographic change has been leading to an increased need for hiring in the police force for several years. At the same time, fewer young applicants are available on the labour market. In this respect, personnel marketing and external employer branding are becoming the focus of attention.

The 2018 follow-up study on career choice motives, based on the qualitative baseline study by Dornfeldt, Nettelnstroth and Binder (2014), uses the findings to check their general validity for the entire field of applicants. A complete year of recruitment in the first semester was interviewed for a course of study in the upper police service (284 participants). A two-part, theoretically sound questionnaire with a 5-stage Likert scaling was developed for this purpose.

The results show that only those values that are based on intrinsic motives have the highest rankings. Differences between the groups with and without police family back-ground can hardly be found in the follow-up study. A gender comparison shows that candidates share a common value basis, but differ significantly from one another in four value dimensions. Conclusions for differentiated personnel marketing are discussed.

Seite 116-129