Matthias Frey & Kamal Barini-Gambarov

Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin

Validated right-wing extremist? The essence of the Identitarian Movement in Germany. Ideology, crime rate, potential threats, tasks for police, policy and society

On the occasion of a current controversy about its catego-rization by the Federal Secret Service of Germany, this ar-ticle deals with the nature of the Identitarian Movement in Germany, an essential actor of the so-called New Right, which disseminates right-wing ideas, cultural racism and EU hostility by means of sustainable social media campaigns and high-profile actions. The article describes their goals, provides information about their supporters‘ proceedings and crimes, and presents the results of expert interviews conducted as part of a bachelor‘s thesis at the Berlin School of Economics and Law on their potential dangers and the resulting challenges for police, policy and society.

Seite 2 - 10