Daniela Gutschmidt

Deutsche Hochschule der Polizei

Intercultural competence in the police: A socio-psychological perspective on general factors and on the specific role of prejudices.

The current discussion of the issue of intercultural compe-tence in the police is based both on accusations of xeno-phobia and on presumed advantages of intercultural com-petence for the police (e.g. regarding police tactics and HR management). Various factors, which may affect intercultural competence in the police, have been identified yet. This ar-ticle firstly gives an overview of these factors and secondly picks out the aspect of individual attitudes in order to shed light on it from a socio-psychological perspective. It takes into account prejudices inside as well as against the police, not in order to quantify them but to identify universal psy-chological processes that can contribute to the formation, maintenance and reduction of prejudices

Seite 11- 29