Silvia Oßwald-Meßner

Hochschule für den öffentlichen Dienst in Bayern,Fachbereich Polizei

Traumatic Events in Everyday Police Operations: Frequency and Handling

The study examines (potential) traumatic events at 354 police officers Standardized and own questionnaires were used to investigate the kind of traumatic event, strength and dura­tion of stress and coping strategies A large number of traumatic events was found with a mean of three incidents per person. The older the police officers were the more traumatic events they faced with and the more stressed they felt Most frequently, police officers tried to cope with stress on their own, followed by talking to related parties Most of the par­ticipants never had psycho-social support after a traumatic event. More willingness to talk about traumatic events and more psycho-social support should be seeked.

Seite 35-45