Linus Wittmann, F. BloƟ & L. Posch

Hochschule in der Akademie der Polizei Hamburg

Police interactions with individuals who exhibit behavior disturbances: frequencies, cause for dispatch and endangerment

Objective: Studies indicate that encounters between police forces and individuals with behavior disturbances can be challenging for police forces. Little is known about the frequencies, causes and endangerment for the individuals and policemen. This study examined police protocols of 467 dispatches from 2016 to 2019. Sociodemographic data, cause of dispatch and endangerment were assessed using a self-developed analyzing scheme. Results: The results indicate an increase of police dispatches and a higher endangerment for the individuals with behavior disturbances compared to police men. In 30% of the cases the individual sought help from the police. Conclusion: The results present features of the interaction between individuals with behavior disturbance and police forces. Practical implications for police training are discussed with a focus on anti-stigma interventions.

Seite 58-67