Stefanie Kemme & Anabel Taefi

Hochschule in der Akademie der Polizei Hamburg

On the assessment of the relationship between alcohol consumption and disorders in public spaces - results of a survey of residents and consumers in Hamburg

This article presents the results of a survey on alcohol con­sumption in public places conducted by the University of Ap­plied Police Sciences in Hamburg at three highly frequented inner-city #corner hotspots# in Hamburg in 2018 The aim of the study was to describe the problem situations from the perspective of the consumers (n=480) and the residents (n=263) and to find out which preventive and repressive ap­proaches they would agree to in order to cope with alcohol-related problems in their residential area The results show that both residents and consumers are mainly disturbed by offences such as pollution and noise Repressive measures to curb alcohol consumption, such as various types of con­sumption or sales bans, are only accepted by a minority.

Seite 51-71