Karl-Heinz Fittkau

Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin

The effect of transactional and transformational leadership in the Criminal Investigation Department A quantitative-empirical review of the Full Range of Leadership Model

Transformational leadership is effective also in the Criminal Investigation Department A quantitative empirical study conducted at the Berlin Criminal Investigation Department (n = 245) confirmed that employees who perceive a stron­ger commitment to aspects of transformational leadership among their managers tend to be more satisfied and ready to take greater effort than other employees However, the study also demonstrated that transformational leadership could not replace transactional leadership Transactional leadership to a considerable extent accounts for the variance in employee satisfaction as well as in the willingness to take extra effort What is also interesting is the observation of a slightly (but not significantly) increased satisfaction and increased readiness to take extra effort among employees under female leadership.

The presented study is not representative; an approximate representativeness, however, does not seem completely implausible given the response rate as well as the gender and age structure of the survey

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