Dirk Baier, Patrik Manzoni & Karoline Ellrich

Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften

The influence of work-related personal characteristics on violent victimization of police officers: results of a longitudinal study in the city of Zurich

In German-speaking countries, numerous studies have been conducted in the past on police officers' experiences of violence. However, there is still little knowledge available about the risk and protective factors of these experiences and their possible consequences, especially if this would require lon­gitudinal surveys This article reports the results of an eight-month longitudinal study conducted in the city of Zurich in which 212 police officers took part The influence of eight work-related personal characteristics (including attitudes to­wards violence and burnout) is examined The results show that there are only very few longitudinal correlations and that work-related personal characteristics considered here are therefore neither the direct cause nor the consequence of verbal or physical experiences of violence For fear of crime, which was also analysed, it is shown that higher fear significantly increases the experience of violence without any contrary effect being observed.

Seite 44-60