Micha Fuchs & Albin Muff

Präsidium der Bayerischen Bereitschaftspolizei

How effective is the sports training of the Bavarian Police? An evaluation of the sports training of the Bavarian Police

The following study shows research findings about the sports training of the Bavarian Police The study was executed bet­ween 2018 and 2019 and the data of three different target groups was used Besides 2817 police students, 85 patrol­men, 81 police officers of mobile squads and 39 sports trainers took part in the study Because of the different research aspects the study includes four substudies and a mixed-method-design was used The research results show that the police students are able to improve their performance in different sports disciplines significantly because of physical training The effect of performance improvements were shown for both sexes In addition, the study was able to show, that the attitude and motivation for sports exercises transmits from the police training to the subsequent work locations. To strengthen the quality of the sports exercises during the police training one substudy shows the need of further vocational training for the sports trainer concerning planning, executing and evaluating the training Further­more all groups endorse the implementation of the sports performance as an examination mark Practical implications for sports training are discussed with a focus on motivation, performance assessment and teaching structure