Micha Fuchs, Sarah Becker, Albin Muff & Maximilian Pfost

Präsidium der Bayerischen Bereitschaftspolizei, Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg

Empirical findings on the acceptance of multiple-choice exam formats in training of the Bavarian Police An evaluation study

This study evaluated the implementation of multiple-choice tests after six months (Sep 2019 to Feb 2020) in training of the Bavarian Police The study aims to explore acceptance and the prospective use of the permanent implementation of multiple-choice tests in comparison to constructed-response tests. In total data of 2,828 police students and 427 teachers were analyzed The results show that police students as well as teachers are open to multiple-choice tests, especially if the test is of minor importance Concerning tests that have a strong impact on the overall assessment (e g written or final exams), both groups prefer constructed-response tests Overall, multiple-choice tests are continuously lower rated for all types of tests in comparison to constructed-response tests. Concerning goal orientation, police students show a high level of mastery orientation, which tends to remain on this level during course of the police training The results are discussed in the context of practical implementation

Seite 44-69