Kathrin Schroth & Karim Fereidooni

Ruhr-Universität Bochum

„I won´t specifically dismiss racial profiling nor deny it” Racism and police work A qualitative study on racism-relevant explanations and action patterns by police officers in North Rhine-Westphalia

This article examines the following questions: Do the five police officers interviewed possess knowledge structures that are relevant to racism and which were acquired prior to or in a professional context? If so, to what extent do these racism-relevant knowledge structures affect their specific police work?

In order to answer these questions, firstly, the current state of research in the field of racism and police work is presented (2), before (a critique of) racism is presented as a scientific analysis perspective (3) and the study design is outlined (4) The core of this article is the empirical analysis of selected interview excerpts (5) The article ends with a conclusion (6).

Seite 39-52