Marcel Müller

Hessisches Polizeipräsidium für Technik

The Pandemic as a Booster of Home Office in the Police Force

The Corona pandemic had a major impact on the world of work: many employers were required to help contain chains of infection by sending their employees to the home office. This ultimately presented many authorities – including the police – with major challenges, because until then a culture of presence had prevailed and there was a lack of sufficient mobile terminals, which is why home office tended to be the exception in the day-to-day work of the authorities. In this sense, the pandemic can ultimately be seen as a driver of digitalization and modernization. This study therefore, using the example of the Hessian Police Headquarters for Technology, looks at the opportunities and risks arising from mobile working – for the authority as well as its employees. In doing so, it is intended to shed light on possible effects on the everyday working life of the authority and to identify potential solutions. In this context, not only the satisfaction of the employees with the new home office possibilities is to be elicited, but also their motivation for using (or not using) home office are to be worked out. In this regard, the various factors that essentially contribute to a successful performance in the home office are of particular importance.