Birgitta Sticher, Caroline Schnelle & Kathrin Nowicki

Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin, Fachbereich Polizei und Sicherheitsmanagement; Polizei Berlin

How do the employees of the Berlin police rate the image campaign „110 percent Berlin“

The research project WiWePol (from 10/2020 to 10/2021) examines the impact of the image campaign „110 percent Berlin“ on the employees of the Berlin police. A representative online survey is conducted to assess personal agreement with the core statements of the campaign, which address central values of police action as well as their experience of implementation. The results show a high level of personal agreement with the values (between 75 and 90 percent) but the reported experience of implementation in the police work differs significantly. The results point out further research needs.

Moreover the professional self-image and the most relevant aspects and values of police work for future generations were explored in group discussions with criminal investigators and police officers from the stations and the riot police. The paper concludes with an evaluation of the research process from the perspective of the participating researcher and police officer.

Seite 2-23