Clemens Lorei & Hermann Groß

Hessische Hochschule für öffentliches Management und Sicherheit

Scientific Police Research: quo vadis - quo vadebas?

Following studies in the years 2007 and 2012 results con­cerning police research in German police universities and academies are presented for 2022.

Main results demonstrate a better infrastructure for police research in some states. New research institutes are establis­hed or enhanced. Third-party funded projects can be found in 2022 more often and improve police and security-related research. Only a few university teachers are also engaged in research, a result that is a constant finding over 15 years. In some states there can be found almost no research efforts; the concentration on teaching and training is responsible for considerable heterogeneity between states and federation.

Especially noticeable is that ministries of interior show a restrained demand for police research in their “own” universities and academies.