Moritz Dieckmann & Sabine Wicker

Universitätsklinikum Frankfurt

Violence against police forces in Frankfurt am Main – occupational health and infectious risks

National data on infectious risks in the context of occupati­onal accidents among police officers were collected for the first time at the Frankfurt am Main police headquarters.
In the previous year, 30 % of the participants had ≥ 1 ser­vice accident. Physical assaults accounted for 56 % of the mentions. Blood contact accounted for 13 %. 66 % were fully vaccinated against hepatitis B, with an increase in younger officers. Male gender, rotating shifts and a high assessment of the ability to protect oneself were associated with signifi­cantly more on-duty accidents and blood contact.
Violence against police officers is common and requires adequate occupational health care, e.g., vaccination against hepatitis B. Target group-specific training on violence pre­vention and bloodborne infectious diseases is needed.

S. 11-22