Karl Kipping

New forms of response to juvenile delinquency – Meaningful innovative concepts for action or staged facades?

The essay deals with the central topic of cooperative prac­tice for the processing of juvenile delinquency and focuses on the practices of a highly multiprofessional field of work. The places of the actors from social work, juvenile prose­cution and police, which are legally and organizationally secured in their fields of work, are currently influenced by media discourses as well as by processing strategies initia­ted by criminal policy. In such a context of relations, which also understands cooperation as a semantics with positive connotations, new forms of reaction to juvenile delinquency are brought into view. It will be shown that under the rubric of efficiency and economy, strategies for dealing with juve­nile delinquency have been established that, when viewed through the analytical lens of sociological neo-institutio­nalism, have not fully lived up to their promise of success.

S. 46-55