Helen Behn & Sönke Schwart

Polizeiakademie Niedersachsen

The term “police” in German-language music

The theme of the concept of the police in German-language music, especially in popular music, is characterized by a gap of research. This circumstance was the impulse to focus on the object of research, the concept and term of the police in German-language music. In a smaller, empirically oriented project, 44 titles each of the genre hip-hop/rap and other music genres, such as pop, pop/folk music, were compiled and comparatively analyzed with regard to the use of the term police in the broadest sense. Due to the interplay of melody, rhythm and text, supplemented by linguistic diversity, the application of methods is associated with challenges with a high degree of scope for interpretation. Nevertheless, the results contribute, albeit to a lesser extent, to closing the existing research gap.

S 2-15