Karoline Roshdi & Hannah Deuse

Forensische Psychologie – Beratung & Fortbildung

(Prevented) attacks by so-called Reichsbürger (citizens of the empire or sovereign citizens) - warning signals based on TRAP-18 and findings for prevention

The TRAP-18 (Terrorist Radicalization Assessment Protocol) performs well in various samples in the context of radicalization and in predicting targeted acts of violence. The aim of this descriptive study is to test the TRAP-18 with prevented attacks of people from the German Reichsbürger movement and escalated attacks done by them and to compare these two groups in order to gain more insights for prevention. In addition, protective factors are also looked at. The analysis showed that the TRAP-18 works reliably. However, if one compares prevented with escalated attacks, they only show minor differences. On the one hand, this may indicate a late intervention by security authorities, but it can also be due to the fact that little information is available about what exactly was known and when. There seems to be little focus on protective factors because they are sometimes difficult to investigate. There should be an increased focus here in the future, especially in connection with findings about early interventions

S 37-51