Micha Fuchs, Julia Glas, Albin Muff, Michael Sailer & Frank Fischer

Präsidium der Bayerischen Bereitschaftspolizei Bamberg; Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München; Universität Augsburg

Digital Transformation in the classroom- The teacher‘s role

This study examines 263 police teachers to understand factors shaping the integration of digital media in police training. Despite predominantly positive attitudes toward digitalisation, only about half of training sessions incorporate digital media, citing technical infrastructure and equipment as key challenges. Results demonstrate the interplay between institutional factors (equipment, support) and teacher attributes (attitudes, experience, skills), influencing the frequency and manner of digital media use. The paper suggests practical implications for teaching and structural changes, including expanding and adapting further training programmes for teachers. Furthermore, it outlines plans for a pilot project utilizing artificial intelligence to assist police teachers.